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What Makes your Website Search Engine Optimization Friendly

In today’s highly competitive organic landscape, you need to use search engine optimization and rank your website in the top search results. You will experience increased traffic on your website once you ensure you use all the necessary search engine optimization tactics. Often, the smallest of the factors play a significant role in impacting your website’s SEO performance. 

Opting for a search engine optimization-friendly website can be a game changer for your business and the site’s performance. The more ways you adopt for search engine optimization implementation, the better your website will rank and perform as opposed to your competitors.

The process of effectively implementing search engine optimization is time-consuming as it requires each phase to proceed with given timelines to provide optimal results for your site. Initially, it takes up to two weeks to perform a search engine optimization audit for your website, explore the opportunities, and develop a good strategy. Then, work on on-page optimization and technical SEO is done. This phase can take up to four to eight weeks, depending on the size and type of website.

All in all, the overall process for gauging results and witnessing improvement levels takes place after three to six months of website initiation. Therefore, ensuring that your website is search engine optimization friendly is crucial for your website to rank faster. 

5 Ways To Make Your Website Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Regularly Update Your Website Content

The website content is an integral part of your website and impacts its performance on search engine results. Keeping your content fresh and up to date is essential to ensure its relevancy. Consistency in updating content gives search engines the indication that your website is active and considered valuable.

Your website visitors also get a good experience when the content is regularly updated, resulting in lower bounce rates and more returning visitors. It also gives you a competitive advantage as you strive to stay ahead of your competitors, enabling you to maintain your website with high-quality content. These add to result in improved performance for your website because they benefit your site’s search engine optimization efforts. 

Nonetheless, you need to ensure that you update content strategically. It is ideal to go with a combination of updated and new content for even better results and rankings on the search engines.

Make your Website Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Using Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization assists your website in accelerating its traffic levels for the target audience living nearby. This feature of SEO can help you generate more sales, especially in case you are selling products or services in your region. 

By local search engine optimization, you achieve improved visibility as you target more people to visit your physical store, too. Not only this, but local search results also show a map for directions in case of the physical presence of the business. With the addition of Google Maps in search results, your website gets more credibility and visibility. 

Local search engine optimization feature is highly recommended for all small businesses. It helps in increasing their conversion rates faster, targeting the relevant audience. Hence, you should benefit from this and incorporate local SEO. Undoubtedly, it is an integral part of your search engine optimization strategy. 

Website Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Using Social Media for Promotion

Social media marketing plays a vital role in contributing to your website’s traffic and content visibility. It is also one of the best ways to ensure effective search engine optimization for your website. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have benefited thousands of businesses and site owners worldwide. These platforms, especially Instagram, have a higher active audience that can interact and engage with your content. 

With the use of social media platforms, you get the opportunity to interact with a broader audience. It gives you the opportunity to direct your social media’s target audience to your website. This results in increased levels of backlinks achieved for your website, leveling up your site’s search engine optimization. 

Since backlinks significantly impact your website’s rankings, opting to utilize social media management efficiently can be highly beneficial. Social media is an excellent tool for increasing your site’s search engine optimization and spreading brand awareness. 

Moreover, with social media come other forms of marketing, such as influencer marketing. Companies use platforms such as Instagram for this and get high reach. The reach is for their social media pages as well as their websites. It creates more awareness about your business and gives more people the chance to explore your website. Hence, it plays a significant role in making your website search engine optimization-friendly. 

Focus on the Readability of the Website Content

The search engines constantly navigate the content on your website through their crawlers. Content readability impacts the search engine optimization of your website. It is an essential indicator of evaluating the quality of your website content. 

The content readability of your site has a direct effect on the user engagement of your website’s visitors. Your content must be easy to understand for all website visitors. The more readable and understandable content users find on your website, the more likely they are to stay on your website for a longer duration of time. Hence, lower levels of bounce rates and an increased amount of returning website visitors can be witnessed. As a result, your website increases its chances of achieving the optimal level of search engine optimization. 

Moreover, easily understandable content has a higher chance of getting featured in Google’s snippets. They provide an avenue for your website to achieve more web traffic. A well-structured content is more understandable for search engine crawlers, improving overall rankings and performance of SEO. Hence, user-friendliness of your website goes a long way!

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization plays a critical role in ranking your website on search engines. It deals with taking steps to improvise elements on your website. The impact is on enhancing relevance and visibility for the right target audience you are aiming to convert. 

Meta Data

On-page optimization comprises metadata usage and the internal and external linking on your website. For instance, the meta titles and meta descriptions highly impact the click-through rates for your website through search results. You can only achieve a higher level of organic traffic through search results if you have compelling meta descriptions and titles. They provoke potential visitors to click and visit your website for more information on what they came searching for. 

Page Loading Speed

On-page optimization also includes faster loading times of all the web pages available on your website in order to ensure a smooth user experience. A faster web speed is ensured by using the right size of images and other visual elements you use on your website. Visual elements highly affect the web page loading performance. Optimizing images by compressing them to the optimal size and keeping the quality intact is an essential factor. Therefore, reducing the file size to ensure a good loading speed is essential for search engine optimization. 

Moreover, using alternate text to make the images visible when users search for relevant content is essential to improve accessibility. Hence, optimizing visual elements on your website can significantly increase your website’s traffic and positively impact its performance. Therefore increasing the chances of ranking on top of Google search results in relevant searches by your target audience. 


Furthermore, keyword research and implementation are of utmost importance for ranking your website. You need to use a combination of short-tail and long-tail keywords to have greater visibility in search results. Since many keywords have high competition, you need to ensure that the right frequency of keywords is incorporated. The keyword frequency needs to be ensured in the content you publish on your website for optimal search results. 

Moreover, focusing on the desired word count of your content on each page, along with keyword frequency, plays a significant role in ranking your website on the search results. Hence, on-page optimization is quite crucial for your website’s search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly Website


Search engine optimization significantly impacts your website’s performance and can help you achieve high organic traffic levels if appropriately implemented. Once all the essential ways are ensured to be catered to, you will see the results sooner than expected. 

Search engine optimization measures are essential for ranking your website on top search results and achieving higher visibility. Therefore, you should implement the maximum amount of SEO tactics on your website and boost its performance. 

WebFoundr offers you search engine optimization services, and you can choose your desired package as per the needs of your business site or blog. Get started with ranking your website on top Google search results from today!

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