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5 Ways You Can Benefit from Shared Hosting for Your Website

Shared hosting refers to multiple websites using a single server. It has different website owners using the resources of a single server, such as processing speed and memory.

A server is divided into separate portions containing files of several users. Each website has a separate file directory, with no access to another. Depending on your hosting package, your website may or may not have a limit on how many websites you can have.

This hosting is a preffered option for small businesses as it is affordable and requires no prior technical knowledge. In shared web hosting, a single server is shared amongst different websites. Since it is a single platform shared by multiple website owners, the service becomes affordable compared to a completely dedicated hosting platform. 

Shared webhosting entails various benefits for considering getting your website made and managed on a single server. Below are the five major advantages that shared hosting can offer for your business website or blog:

Saves Money with Shared Hosting

This type of Managed hosting is one of the affordable means to establish your new website. Undoubtedly, shared hosting is considered the cheapest form of hosting. When you opt for shared hosting, your costs get split amongst all. As a single server is shared amongst different websites, splitting the cost makes it an economical hosting service. 

Shared hosting is ideal for start-ups or businesses at an early stage, requiring only a few pages and heavy storage. Such businesses have a limited reach, and it takes time for them to grow and need a dedicated server, which is often many years later in a business. 

The features provided in shared web hosting suffice for what the requirements are for any business, small or medium. Large organizations can opt for shared web hosting and save on costs, depending on their requirements and the web traffic status. 

Shared hosting enables different websites to use processing speed and hard drive space offered by a single server. The resources provided are sufficient; you can test your website and improvise without spending a lot on hosting!

Multiple Websites

You can have multiple websites hosted and consider shared hosting as an ideal option to go with. For example, you run a personal blog and have a professional business website. Going for shared hosting will be the best option to go for.

It will also be convenient for you as you would not have to waste money and time understanding the system of other hosting providers. You will have everything under one roof!

You can have multiple websites hosted under your parent company. One example is having different websites for your product categories, making shared hosting the best option. You can easily manage your multiple websites under a single service platform. 

You have the choice to opt for different shared hosting packages offered by service providers such as Webfoundr and decide what suits you best according to the needs of your business. 

However, this comes with limitations. You can have only a specific number of websites on a shared hosting server. In case a large number of websites require hosting, shared hosting might not be that beneficial for you to consider.

Affordable Maintenance

Your shared webhosting provider offers basic maintenance services as part of the shared hosting service. You need to ensure your website performance is up to the optimum level.

Website Maintenance is crucial for the search engine optimization of your website. Consider integrating it for your website performance. Your rankings on Google can be affected due to poor website maintenance, and you could lose a good amount of traffic on your website.

Another advantage here is that if you opt for website maintenance services from the same hosting provider as your website, you will find it easy to communicate your requirements. In this case, the hosting providers would already know about the nature of your business, making them better equipped to manage your website and take it to the next level.

Since you will be taking this service, you can get affordable packages for other services such as website maintenance, managing social media, and more. Hosting companies such as WebFoundr give you various options you get to choose from that best suit your business requirements.

Shared Hosting

Security with shared Hosting

To ensure the safety of your website, shared hosting uses a few security protocols. As one of the security measures, shared hosting service providers mostly offer a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

SSL certificate indicates your website to be a secure one. It encrypts your website and verifies your website’s authenticity.

The hosting providers are sensitive about the security of their servers and your websites. They ensure to provide you with the essential security measures for you to be stress-free about safety concerns.

The hosting provider does constant server updates, backups, and threat checks to prevent a potential security risk on your website. These security measures make this hosting service even more reliable for you.

New website owners are often unaware of many potential security issues that make their websites vulnerable to numerous risks. They need more direction or need more funds to implement security measures. Shared web hosting gives you the best possible experience with an ensured sense of security. Therefore, this hosting service has gained even more popularity.

Shared Hosting

cPanel Access

cPanel, also known as a control panel, makes it easier for you to manage your website better. This user interface is user-friendly and simple to use while you monitor and administer your website. It makes navigation convenient and easy for you. 

The cPanel dashboard provides you with some of the effortless management tasks to attain your desired website performance. You don’t need to rely on an external source as you can manage it yourself.

The best part is that you don’t need any technical knowledge beforehand to operate the interface. Hence, you can work around it without paying attention to the technical details and achieve your desired outcomes.


Every website needs a hosting service, but choosing which one to go for puts people in a dilemma. The answer is simple! It would be best to start with shared webhosting initially for a few years at least.

As discussed above, the five reasons justify why it is a great option to choose, especially if you are in the initial stage of business. Shared webhosting is ideal to establish your online presence in the beginning.

All in all, shared webhosting is the most economical option among all hostings options. Different hosting providers charge up to three packages, and you can choose what suits your business needs best.

This hosting is highly suitable and budget-friendly to kickstart your business website. Furthermore, it is a popular choice amongst thousands of people who opt to get their websites or blogs made.So, what are you waiting for? Get on board with shared hosting and choose from one of the packages WebFoundr offers! Visit the shared hosting page to know more.

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