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8 Things for You to Ensure Having the Right Website Design

Website design significantly impacts your website’s performance and the perception your target audience will develop of your business or professional brand. Website design should ensure proper focus on your site’s User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Both affect defining the experience for your website visitors. 

A good website design is essential for making your site’s interaction worthwhile and frictionless with all its visitors. The more enjoyable your website is to navigate and surf through information across different web pages, the better it is for you to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. 

Website design must be straightforward and convenient for your visitors, making it easy to find the required and desired information. Suppose the first few minutes of a visitor’s time on your website leave a positive impact. In that case, they will likely stay longer and explore all your web pages, increasing the chances of sales. 

A good website design ensures you reach your desired goals, gives a positive user experience, and boosts your site’s traffic. In order to ensure you are opting for the best web design for your site, there are several factors you need to take care of and implement them. 

Below are 8things to ensure in order to have the optimal website design:

Responsive Web design

Mobile phones are the most used devices for surfing the internet and producing website traffic. Your website design should be such that the user gets a seamless experience of the website across all devices. No compromise is essential for integrating website information of any sort.

 A responsive website design also benefits your website’s search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly. It also increases your website’s visibility in search engine results (SERP), resulting in high site traffic.  

have the Right Website Design

Empty spaces

A good website design requires leaving empty spaces, making the website look more enhanced and professional. The required white areas leave a positive impact on your website design, creating a difference in the following ways: 

  • Enhance user-friendly experience
  • Prioritizes relevant content
  • Increases understanding and readability
  • Gives a sense of luxury
  • Has a psychological impact
  • Improves website’s loading time

Interestingly, the number of elements and conversion rates on a web page correlate. The more elements and content clutter on your web pages, the more the likelihood of conversion decreases. Very selective elements are to be a part of your website, ensuring there is ample space that can enhance the overall user experience for your website visitors. 

Moreover, empty spaces help ensure the website’s accessibility and functionality on relatively smaller screens with limited space. Adequate spacing between content elements is essential for convenient mobile usability.

Hence, empty spaces are essential to your website design and play a crucial role in your site’s performance. 

Consistency in Website Design

Ensuring the level of consistency in content and elements used across all web pages is crucial for an effective website design. For instance, your website’s color palette is also essential and must be defined permanently. The variety of fonts you choose to use should be limited and kept consistent across all the pages. 

When the layout is kept similar, a positive impression of your brand and the overall website design is set. Hence, consistency in your website design across all the pages is essential for optimal site performance.

Convenient Navigation throughout website

Although this aspect can be ignored while finalizing website design, it dramatically impacts the user experience for your site’s visitors. The navigation bar is essential to ensure proper functionality and ease of use. Using it is a critical component that can either make people stay on your website or leave it in case of discrepancies. Hence, navigation of your site should be convenient for the visitors to stay and explore your website content further. Thus, it makes it a crucial part of website design for your site. 

The navigation menu offers hierarchical organization and categorization of your website’s content. It is highly beneficial when your website has multiple pages. Many web pages tend to confuse people unless there is an adequately organized visual implementation. In short, a well-executed website design.

You need to positively make the website design reflect for users to explore content on your site. Otherwise, it would further get complicated for them to understand and waste time figuring everything out independently. 

Compelling Call To Action (CTAs) Website Design

Attractive Call-to-Actions(CTAs) are integral to your website design. Website design directs visitors to explore the content of your website further. A paragraph’s starting and ending points define the context for the website visitors. It provokes visitors to explore more of your site’s content, getting satisfied with the web design. 

Using action words in your CTAs, such as “Try,” “Get,” and “Go,” lift the spirit of excitement and engagement on your website. Moreover, CTAs such as “Contact Us” and “Buy Now” help in lead generation and help achieve your website’s goals. 

A good practice is to try different CTAs and learn what works best for your website. Eventually, you can shortlist and use the ones that perform the best. 

Eliminate Obstacles

Instead of getting attention diverted and spending extra time on multiple pop-ups, users want a smooth experience when they visit your website. They disturb user’s overall experience when exploring your website. It is a depiction of an ill-thought-out website design in the minds of your potential target audience.

A well-performing web design is free from repetitive pop-ups. It ensures your visitors get a smooth experience and become returning visitors to your site. 

Furthermore, you need to ensure that any potential error pages appear on any of the web pages of your website. For instance, a 404 error page can highly annoy users visiting your website, increasing bounce rates. They occur when a page has a broken link, meaning it was removed or shifted elsewhere. Thus, you need to be careful about such links by constantly updating your website from time to time. 

Ensure Having the Best Website Design

Skimmable Content

You should have content that your website visitors can skim over quickly and find the relevant information. They came to look for what can benefit you with your site’s satisfaction levels. Excessive information and content clutter on your website will only make the visitor reluctant to read all of it. 

Hence, you can only communicate about the information you have displayed on your website if the data is properly implemented. The more concise and to the point the content is on your website, the more your website users will comprehend content efficiently. 

To structure your website content, you should use a hierarchy of headers, such as H1, H2, and H3, on your web page content. Headers help rank your content through search engine optimization and clarify the content displayed across all the web pages. Moreover, bullet points also help make your content more readable and result in an increased level of understanding for your website’s visitors. 

The more simple you keep your content in terms of readability and overall information comprehension, the more your target audience can benefit. Thus, making your website content easier to skim helps you score a better site performance.

Use Social Proof

As a general norm, users look for reviews and testimonials before deciding to purchase a product or a service. Testimonials displayed on your website amplify your company’s credibility and overall website design capability.

Incorporating social proof gives a positive indication about your brand. It makes your potential target audience develop a sense of trust. Social proof comes in various forms, such as client testimonials, endorsements by experts in the industry, and reviews from other sites. 

Hence, having social proof on your website benefits your company and opens doors for several opportunities. It adds to the social evidence you have to offer on your homepage. It gains the trust of your potential website visitors. Thus, social proof adds much value to your web design and brand perception. 


Website design is crucial to your site’s performance and ranking on Google search results. Ensuring to incorporate all the necessary aspects of web design on your website can help you achieve your desired goals. Little design aspects go a long way, influencing your website performance more than you think. 

As mentioned above, you must ensure the functionality and inclusion of features that impact the website design. Hence, using maximum features as much as possible can lead to high-yielding results for your website, such as high traffic and more sales. Thus, an effective website design should be one of your top priorities for your website. 

With WebFoundr, you can get your desired web design services per your business’ requirements or any information site. You can look at the website design page and get more insights on what we offer you. 

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