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Website Design impact your Site’s Performance

Companies must stay ahead and distinguish themselves from competitors in today’s competitive business landscape. Thousands of businesses are entering the online world and striving to provide a different product or service. Website design is where many companies can distinguish themselves.

Website design is the need of every business today. You need to catch up if you already don’t have your business site with a good website design. A website is essential to showcase your products and services, giving the information your potential customers need. It takes care of the visibility amongst the masses and enhances the appearance of your website.

Website design plays a vital role in getting and retaining traffic on your website. People perceive your brand image through the website design. According to research, around 93% of people stated website design as a crucial part of their experience while navigating a website. 

Several factors must be considered for a quality website design to excel and have a unique website that stands out. However, we must follow the right directions with so many competitors to stay ahead.

Neglecting a good website design means you are not fully equipped to advertise your business.

So, what can you do to ensure meaningful changes in your work mode and overall productivity? Below are some of the factors that provide a good website design:

Builds Trust

Website design has much to say than just being able to enjoy and ignore the visuals there. Visitors need to be able to rely on the website design you offer, making it easy for them to navigate the website. 

A site with a good website design impacts visitors’ perception of your website. A well-structured webpage leaves a strong impression and is navigated smoothly by your site’s visitors. 

Your visitors will be more likely to trust the content available on your website. This has a lot to do with the layout and structure of your website. Viewers judge your brand and perceive its credibility based on how it visually appears to them. 

A good website design also ensures your visitors can see you are providing the following to build trust:

HTTPS Enabled Website

In order to ensure the security of your website, it is essential to have SSL certificates.

Fixed Brand Guidelines

You need to ensure you offer consistency on your website in terms of design, color palette, media formats, and much more. 

Focus on the About Page

Your visitors judge the credibility of your website through content, especially on the ‘About’ page. It depicts your company’s values and the kind of culture it attracts. The better the layout of this page, the more credible and trustworthy your website will appear to your visitors. 

Highlighting Achievements

Your website visitors tend to trust your site, especially when you display images and instances when your company has achieved its milestones. A good website design will ensure that this given information will leave a positive impact in the eyes of visitors exploring your website.

Thus, such use of content indicates you have had a long journey to have come this far. The layout should be compelling for your viewers to further explore your website. 


Visitors often end up searching for ways they can contact you through your website. The design of your website has a lot to do with navigation for your visitors. Having a separate ‘contact us’ page would help, along with mentioning your office hours and availability to cater to the needs of your visitors. 

Hence, it is important to make a means to contact you simple for your website visitors. They should be able to locate how to contact you easily, depicting the level of convenience you provide by placing elements and content where they should be.

How does Website Design impact your Site Performance

Content Creation

Content plays a vital role, and it gets amplified when you have an appealing website design. You need to keep updating it in order to achieve more traffic. Your content will do the trick even better when the site’s performance is complemented, and you will observe results. 

Keywords must be integrated and combined with website design to ensure optimal results. Content plays a huge role in impacting your web performance. 

Faster Website Speed

You must ensure your design is implemented appropriately to give your customers a seamless browsing experience. The way your website looks impacts on the user experience. 

Not only this, speed also has a high Google ranking. Many visitors end up exiting the website if it takes more time to load or is slow when navigating. Visitors don’t want to wait for pages to load or simply slow navigation. 

Faster loading times are only achievable when a good website design is used. For this, it is recommended to carefully plan the kind of website design a business needs and check for essential elements. Loading times have a significant impact on search engine rankings. It will help if you use the appropriate image sizes to maintain an effective website design and web performance. 

Speed is also influenced by the kinds of font and font sizes you use to get information. The heavier images and videos you use, the more time it takes to load the web pages. This hinders the smooth user experience for visitors. 

Therefore, the visual elements used on the website also impact your website’s loading times. You must be careful, as any discrepancies can hinder your website from reaching its intended reach and traffic.

User-friendly Navigation

WebFoundr ensures your website offers a seamless user experience to your visitors, ensuring there is no room for discrepancies. You can be sure of your visitors quickly navigating through your website and benefit from high website views as more people are likely to spend time and explore your website.

A good website design ensures easy navigation of your website by others. People visit your website to gain the information they are seeking. A well-designed website would have different sections and ensure everyone can conveniently navigate and surf through different website pages. 

A good website design ensures optimal web performance of your business site. Furthermore, mobile responsiveness is also essential for a website to perform well. Your visitors should have a smooth experience navigating through your website.

A compelling and user-friendly website design considers how your site appears on each device, be it a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet. Hence, with a good website design, you can provide your visitors with a seamless user experience regardless of device type. 

How does Website Design impact Site Performance

Decreased Distractions

Having various distractions on your website can result in deteriorating conversion rates. More distractions indicate poor website design, such as auto-playing sounds and videos and excessive pop-ups on your website. This negatively affects the user experience, and you should avoid their use. 

Distractions of this nature disturb the user experience for your website visitors. To ensure a good user experience, website design should be your top priority. Such distractions only result in a decrease in returning website visitors. Visual elements such as pop-ups and auto-playing videos can irritate your website visitors, resulting in high bounce rates. People consider such distractions on the webpage frustrating, so their use, if necessary, should be minimal.

Even the placement of images and videos plays a great role in the level of distractions. Your visitors should be able to enjoy the experience of surfing through your website instead of getting annoyed immediately, hindering the chances of longer stay time of your web pages. 

WebFoundr provides you with various website designs to choose from and customize per your business requirements. They are free from distractions that can risk your website with high exit and bounce rates. Therefore, making sure there is the right balance kept, even if you use distractions, is essential. 

By availing of website design service from WebFoundr, you don’t have to worry about your visitors running away from your website because of poor usage of distractions. 


All in all, your site’s design can make or break it for you to provide good web performance. Web design plays a vital role in your site’s performance. The more user-friendly it is, the easier it gets to navigate through different web pages. 

Website design considers several factors and their implementation to rank among the top. It communicates your brand’s perception to the visitors. It must resonate well with your brand image for more people to identify its value and importance. 

However, your company’s industry only matters when ensuring a good web design is essential. Furthermore, website design can impact search engine optimization, page loading time, and overall user experience.

As a result, a good design helps you win over competitors and retain your visitors, bringing in high levels of traffic to your site. In such a competitive world, you need to check what your competitors are up to regarding website design and target better approaches to distinguish your brand from theirs.

Thus, you need a reliable service provider offering the best services to get the most suitable website design for your business. WebFoundr offers its clients the best website design services and can end it anytime they want if they wish to. For more information, you can click here.

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