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How to Improve Your Site Traffic with Website Design

Your website plays a crucial role in driving site traffic through various means. Website design is the most prominent of them all. Website design is what all your potential competitors would be competing for in order to stand out from the rest. It is an understandable and given concept that website design leads to either higher or lower levels of site traffic, depending on how you execute your strategy.

Website design caters to planning and placing different elements efficiently on your site, aiming to achieve optimal results in terms of fonts, layout, and the overall structure of the landing pages. The aesthetics of your website help develop a perception in the minds of your potential target market, who can visit your website and decide to be a returning visitor or not.

Website design has a significant impact on achieving and retaining web traffic on your site. It affects the overall user experience while any visitor tends to navigate and surf through the content of your website. Web design is a suitable means to enhance the aesthetics of your site and leave a positive impression in the minds of your potential visitors. Website design makes your site more appealing and drives more traffic levels due to various factors.

For web design, consistency in the choice of fonts and the branding color palette has a significant impact on your site’s results. The same flow of the overall web design would set an enhanced and professional look to your website. Otherwise, it appears as unstructured and poorly managed. Since perception plays a vital role in initially driving traffic to your website, you can ensure you receive high levels of traffic with effective website design measures in the long run.

Here are 5 ways to improve website traffic using website design

Declutter the Homepage Content

The homepage is the first page your visitors land on while searching for your products or services or the information available on your site in general. It is essential to have an ideal layout and structure of the homepage. Website design of the homepage leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your visitors.

Decluttering your homepage not only allows you to achieve a more significant number of visitors but also retain them on your site for a longer duration. There are a few techniques used to declutter your web pages, not just the homepage itself. One is to use the white spaces across all your pages to ensure a clean look of your website. Its use helps in improving your website’s scan ability as well as highlighting important information displayed. Thus positively impacting your overall website design.

Since the homepage is the first page your website visitors are most likely to visit, ensuring you take suitable measures to attract the relevant target audience is vital for the success of your site. WebFoundr assists in helping you achieve the best possible results by optimizing the homepage in an ideal way. With WebFoundr, you don’t need to worry about the clutter on your homepage, as it is taken care of. Hence ensuring your website achieves an attractive site design.

Improve Your Site Traffic with Website Design

Clear Navigation with Website Design

Navigation comprises various factors that significantly impact your site performance. Navigation includes the scrolling ways, navigation bar, and multiple links to direct users across different web pages.

Interestingly, the ways you use for scrolling on your website have an impact on visitors. It affects their tendency to engage on your site. Various scrolling options are available to enhance the user experience for your website visitors. The most prominent scrolling types are infinite scrolling, parallax scrolling, and long scrolling. In addition to this, the use of sticky navigation helps in efficient scrolling. Often, websites use the ‘top button’ to make it convenient for visitors to return to the top of the page with just a click.

The navigation bar plays a significant role in setting a good web design for your site, adding to the convenience for your site visitors to quickly surf through different pages. The navigation menu available must be user-friendly, such that your visitors can interact with your website without any confusion.

Proper use of navigation helps you get your visitors to anticipate and explore more website content. If you set a complex website interface for them, visitors will likely exit your site, resulting in higher bounce rates. An increase in bounce rates not only decreases traffic but also impacts your search engine optimization rankings on Google search results. Hence, navigation measures are a vital part of website design.

Finally, links across web pages, such as the use of internal linking, help the navigation experience for visitors. It makes the website design more efficient for your website visitors. If a user is viewing relevant content and can be directed to the respective pages easily through different links, the user experience is enhanced.

WebFoundr ensures you use a simpler form of navigation to make the user experience fruitful for your website visitors. Moreover, we ensure you are able to achieve the optimal level of navigation measures, enhancing your website design.

Optimize Visual Elements in Website Design

Optimization of visual elements such as images is crucial for driving an excessive amount of traffic on your website. Image optimization enables you to make your images searchable on the search engine results, resulting in more traffic. You can optimize images with alt text so that whenever users are searching for relevant keywords and information, they can get exposed to your web content.

Improve the Site Traffic with Website Design

Enhance Readability with Website Design

One of the essential aspects of driving high traffic levels to your website is the readability of your content. You need to ensure that your content is precise and easy to understand for anyone who visits your website. Readability is an important aspect of website design. It can either make your visitors stay or leave the website sooner than expected.

The choice of font and the colors you use on your website also have a significant impact on content readability on your website. A font that is easier to read for the users will lead to a longer stay time. Readable fonts enable the visitor to skim through your content and explore more. Thus, font is important not just for the aesthetics of website design but also for readability for the users. An ideal choice is to use two to three fonts and maintain consistency.

The use of colors on your website also impacts readability. You need to make the right choice of font colors to ensure your visitors don’t have difficulty reading your content. For instance, using light colors on a lighter background will result in poor readability. Similarly, a dark background with a lighter font will be a good choice.

WebFoundr offers website design services that cater to the essential measures for effective readability. We assure you that we will help you achieve the optimal level of readability for the content on your website.

Improve Site Traffic with Website Design

Incorporating SEO Practices in website Design

Using search engine optimization strategies for enhancing your overall web design is an important part of getting the desired results. SEO practices such as on-page optimization and XML sitemaps enable you to achieve high traffic levels. These strategies not only enhance the functionality for increased traffic but also allow you to achieve faster loading times for your web pages.

The faster it takes your web pages to load, the higher the chances are that visitors will stay on your website and explore the content you have to offer. Content can be information-based or simply about your products and services.

WebFoundr ensures your website achieves a faster loading speed that results in a satisfactory user experience. As WebFoundr also specializes in search engine optimization services, you can be assured of accomplishing significant results through SEO for website design.


Website design is an important aspect that helps drive traffic to your website. Taking various measures ensures that your website achieves optimal results. From structured content to optimizing visual elements, website design has an impact on the mindset of the visitors. The aesthetics and navigation measures followed on your website offer a great means to achieving an ideal website design for your site.

Website design is not only responsible for driving high levels of traffic to your website but also for engaging your visitors. It helps them interact on your site through different means, especially with a compelling website design. Web design ensures your visitors get the best possible impression of your website, enhancing the overall user experience. Web design is crucial for the performance of your website and ranking it on top of Google search results. Eventually, it leads to an increase in the likelihood of greater visibility, given that you follow vital website design practices.

WebFoundr offers you website design services, ranging for different budgets and businesses who can opt for the respective plans according to their needs. You can visit the website design page here and learn more about what WebFoundr offers its customers. WebFoundr is a reliable web design service provider and has provided optimal results to over hundreds of customers.

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